Stepping Stones

Journey is a common metaphor for spiritual growth and maturity.  A spiritual journey takes a lifetime but is made one step at a time.   Here are some of the best first steps you can take!  




Do you want to talk with someone about your questions?

Would you share your decision with us? 

We'd love to help and cheer you on!

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Baptism is a vital first step of obedience to following Jesus.  Like a wedding ring is a fitting symbol for marriage because it is made from precious metal and a circle without end, baptism is a fitting symbol for new life in Jesus.

When someone is baptized they are fully immersed under the water (symbolic of Jesus' sacrificial death and burial) and then raised from the water (symbolic of Jesus' resurrection). It is a beautiful picture of what Jesus has done for us so that we are now clean, forgiven, free and alive!

If you are ready to go public with your faith in Jesus, let us know!  We'll reach out to you and make sure you have all the information you need to take this step!  

We hold a couple of baptism services throughout the year.

Our next Baptism is:  Sunday, August 27 @ 6 PM at the home of Glenn and LaDenna Hall located at 61 Island Ford Road, Kingston, GA 30145



What does it mean to belong to The Stone Church?

It means that we will protect UNITY within the Body!

We are unified in our beliefs.

We are unified in our mission.

We are unified in our strategy to fulfill the mission.

It means that we will nurture God-honoring RELATIONSHIPS!

We will love as Jesus loves.

We will care for those around us.

We will be encouragers and avoid gossip, deceit, and a critical spirit.

It means that we will pursue personal GROWTH and Church GROWTH!

We will prioritize personal devotions.

We will faithfully attend worship services.

We will humbly serve in the ministry of the church.

We will pray for the church and its leaders.

We will give financially to support the mission.

We will share our faith with the world.

We will go where ever he leads.


1.  Listen to the 5 messages in the BELONG series.

2.  Read and agree with our Statement of Beliefs.

2.  Read and sign the Membership Covenant if you are in agreement.

3.  Submit your signed Covenant to the Church for approval.


Ministry Team

Jesus made a statement once that often comes to mind when driving by the cotton fields in the fall.  He said, "The fields are white unto harvest! "  What he was saying was that people are ready to hear the good news about God, forgiveness, grace, freedom and obedience.   

He invites those who love him to become like him and to become servants.  Every believer has been given a spiritual gift to be used in the process of making disciples of all nations.  

Do you know your gift?  Do you know your role?  

One of the best ways that you can begin to grow as a disciple is to find a place to serve and give your best energy and effort to serve with others on a ministry team!  

Here is a list of our current Ministry Teams.  Let us know where you'd like to get started!